Madrid signs 338 ‘excellent’ researchers working in prestigious foreign centers

The balance of this program is most satisfactory because we are achieving our goal: that no entrepreneur, researcher or high-level teacher has to leave due to lack of opportunities in our region,” explains the University, Science and Innovation advisor, Eduardo Sicilia. «And, if he has left, here is the Community of Madrid to do everything possible to continue his work again. We are not going to settle down, because it is a priority objective, ”he adds. 75% of the scientists who have arrived since 2017 are Spanish who had gone abroad to continue their postdoctoral training. Of these, 70% are also from Madrid.

Up to 338 researchers who were working in centers of excellence located outside Spain have decided to move to the Community of Madrid in the last three years. They have done it within the framework of a program for the attraction of talent that the autonomous government of Cristina Cifuentes launched in 2017 and that the current PP and Citizens coalition Executive wants to strengthen. In addition to the financing of their contracts, these experienced scientists receive funds to carry out their work in universities, hospitals and other organizations, up to a maximum of 200,000 euros, in four years, so that they can incorporate their personal projects and make investments in equipment and laboratory equipment.

The regional government has contributed 16 million euros this year for the financing of the program, which has led to an accumulated investment of 56.6 million euros since its launch. For the current call, a total of 170 applications from researchers of the so-called modality one (experienced doctors) and 175 from modality two (young doctors) were presented.

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