Observe what happens inside a black hole

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of a black hole located 8,000 light years from Earth: it wobbles like a spinning top from the effect of a nearby star and emits jets of plasma in different directions as its orientation changes

A black hole is a region of space inside which there is a concentration of mass high enough and dense enough to generate a gravitational field that prevents a material particle, not even light, from escaping from its interior.

Now, scientists from the European Space Agency (ESA), have been able to know, thanks to data from the observatory of high energy “Integral”, the procedures by which a mysterious hole ejected “bullets” of plasma while rotating in space.

The black hole in question is part of the binary V404 Cygni system and absorbs material from its companion star. It is found in the Milky Way, about 8,000 light-years from Earth, and was first identified in 1989, when it caused a huge emission of high-energy radiation and material.

After 26 years of inactivity, he woke up again in 2015 and, for a short time, became the brightest object in the sky observable in high-energy X-rays.

Astronomers from all over the world pointed their terrestrial and space telescopes towards this celestial object and discovered that the black hole presented a peculiar behavior.

Now, a new study based on data collected during the 2015 broadcast has shed light on the internal procedures of this cosmic monster. The results have been published in the journal Natur

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