A new search engine to share content more quickly, safely and effectively

Soon a search engine will come to light that will revolutionize the way in which information is shared online and eliminate the need to connect to servers. Imagine for a moment that you want to watch your favorite series on the internet and that, in addition, you can do it even if the server on which you are hosted is down. Imagine also that you search for information on the internet and do not have to see ads based on previous searches. Users of current search engines are exposed to servers falling and unwanted ads, but soon this could be history thanks to a new search engine that will be presented in the first quarter of 2019.

The Aarzoo search engine is based on the chain of blocks and is expected to transform the way content is shared on the internet thanks to the achievements of the project financed with European funds and having completed PURSUIT. Aarzoo avoids having to connect to servers and increases the efficiency of content dissemination.
The architecture of PURSUIT allows users to obtain information without directly accessing the servers where it was stored at first, but it is possible to access the data or part of them from different locations, since each computer is capable of copying and republish contents after receiving them. Once the searches are decentralized, the block chain system guarantees that the search results are more secure and private, since the information is not stored in a central server.The search engine Aarzoo Stealth aims to democratize, distribute and decentralize the collection of data and information once it is activated during the first quarter of 2019. PURSUIT (Publish Subscribe Internet Technology), the inspiring project, concluded in 2013.

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