Mission Voyager, the 40 year journey that has taken man to the ends of the Solar System


The Voyager space probes (meaning ‘traveler’) are probably the human artifacts that have undertaken the most incredible journey of all time. Both are the most distant human objects and in its history is to have explored for the first time giant planets and exotic moons, that nowadays appear in any textbook. His tireless journey has taken them to the outskirts of the Solar System and even to the bottomless void beyond. Since 2012, and for the first time in all times, a spacecraft, Voyager 1, intersects the interstellar space, the ‘gap’ between the stars of the Milky Way.

Two small spaceships of the seventies have revolutionized the limits of the known. Today they continue to send data to Earth, despite the ‘alzheimer’ and to be tens of billions of kilometers away.

Since September 5th, Voyager 1 is, along with Voyager 2, launched on August 20, 1977, a ship with 40 years of history. In that time he has broken records and made countless discoveries. His epic journey has made it an essential icon of space exploration, and its history has inspired generations of astronauts, scientists and passionate. Despite their old technology and being tens of billions of kilometers away from Earth, Voyager 1 and 2 continue to explore and harvest science.


The most pressing problem of the ships is in their energy reserves. For 40 years, the probes have been powered by three radioisotope generators, based on plutonium-238. These supply energy to scientific instruments and heat the circuits in the cold space. But its duration is limited. It is hoped that sometime between 2025 and 2030, scientists will have to start shutting down systems to extend Voyager’s life to the fullest. This effort to increase mission time is not unfounded. Every second, Voyager 1 sends 160 precious bits of information through its antenna, and also travels 17 kilometers in the direction of the unknown. Everything you can see in the boundaries of the Solar System, in interstellar space, is valuable information about an unexplored and strange region. There, the influence of the Sun and the solar wind are left behind, and in the apparent vacuum the radiation coming from the Milky Way is dispersed. It seems that there the kingdom of the Sun is crushed by the phenomena that occur in the galaxy

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