This project represents a coordinated action of six groups in five research centers of the Community of Madrid, with the main purpose of developing in the Madrid region one of the most recognized technologies as emerging and disruptive in the sectors of communication and computing : Quantum Technologies It includes as a novelty the Spanish Metrology Center (CEM) in order to implement and develop second generation quantum metrology (Second Quantum Revolution). It extends into five research lines with very relevant technological and scientific applications, ranging from the implementation of secure and functional communications (Quantum Cryptography) to the development and implementation of new quantum computing and information techniques.
This includes experimental proposals for its implementation, as well as collaboration with national and international laboratories of the first category, multinational companies and SMEs that are associated to the project for its experimental realization. At the same time, the project proposes strategic objectives that include the establishment of new collaborations, attracting and stabilizing new researchers in the field, and positioning our region in a clearly strategic field at an international level. After the success of the previous QUITEMAD project, we will address new challenges to increase the prominence that QUITEMAD has achieved as an instrument to develop Quantum Technologies in Madrid and be part of the national and international leadership in the future of these new technologies.

This project is financed with European structural funds.